About The Real France

The company is based in Vienne, on the banks of the Rhône river near Lyon and we are a french incoming DMC operator. We work with anyone within the travel trade who brings groups to France and who needs operational help. We also offer many of our services such as our tours and guiding directly to tourists. We differentiate ourselves by adapting our services to your needs whilst ensuring the experience is as authentic as possible. We don't do many off-the-shelf packages for this reason and here on this website you will only see an overview of what we can offer with some examples given to help your inspiration. Multiculturally staffed, we have representatives throughout France in order to ensure all regions are covered operationally.

Are you a travel agent or tour operator looking for local help with tours in France?

We have a huge respect for the work involved in creating loyalty from your travelers and the fact that you promote France to them. We know that keeping costs low is a concern for you and that flexibility is key. We give our best rates from the start and we keep to them whilst also ensuring that any agreement gives you the flexibility for changes. We know you have other choices. By choosing The Real France as your supplier, the quality of services delivered to your travelers will be of the highest standard. We take this accountability seriously. Anyone who in turn represents us is also held accountable. You have our word on this.
To understand what makes us tick, here are a few words from the owner, Callum Chiverton:

"Incoming services often tend to be so standard. You are working so hard to market unique products but then once the travelers arrive the service they receive is at best anonymous. We always look to add value for you & to ensure that you are represented in front of your travelers as you would want to be. The Real France brings more depth to your trips. By all means, the main sites need to be seen but there is still just not enough focus on showing people the real France. This can come in so many ways, from scheduled discussions with eccentric locals with a story to tell to those spontaneous moments you just can't predict but which can form the most memorable part of a traveler's trip. Rather than waiting for these "lucky" moments, we know how to find them in ways that reflect your niche or itinerary. With our network of speakers, storytellers & families, we aim to bring France more alive for your travelers"

See here some examples of our DMC services

Registered Tour Operator Atout France

Tourism Operator Licence Number: IM038160011. Fully registered, insured & covered by Financial Guarantee scheme.. This scheme ensures that any deposits you make are protected.