Welcome to the real france

If you are bringing people to France and you want to offer them unique experiences that involve real interactions with the french then you've come to the right place.
If you simply need logistical help then you've also come to the right place.
And if you're unsure what you want or need but want help with your activities in France, then you're still in the right place.

What sets us apart is that we believe that memorable interactions with the french are what really counts & that only by including these alongside the sights, can you really experience The Real France.

Thought Provoking Presentations & Discussions

Why not nourish the French experience for your group with inspirational discussions & introductions? We can find you someone with a story that will captivate your travelers, whether it relates to the past, such as the war, or the present day. Depending on where you wish the talk to happen, we can give you ideas on what kind of speaker or discussion could be arranged. We can shape a particular day around a speaker also, to ensure that they bring alive the memories of a particular place in a far more impactful way. These talks can often be the most memorable part of a trip.

Meet the french

We have a network of local french families who love meeting foreigners. Whenever possible we try and involve families such as these into our programs whether this involves splitting groups into smaller numbers and taking them to their house or inviting local people along on excursions. This allows us to really discuss the french culture with normal people. These encounters can help prove or disprove certain clich├ęs and friendships can be formed also.

Taste tours?

Let us organize a tasting tour adapted for your group. We can focus on food, wine, beer or any gastronomic combination that you are looking for. Your groups can be educated by the producers & local experts before moving onto generous tasting sessions. These can be organized as day trips from wherever you like or over several days, with meals & accommodation provided also.

Logistics & Events

We can take care of as much or as little as you need us to in order to ensure things run smoothly for you. From transport to accommodation and all the myriad of other services you may need help with. We have extensive experience & can help make all the contacts necessary, even if you only use us partially. Let us help you save costs & deliver outstanding experiences in France.

Registered Tour Operator Atout France

Tourism Operator Licence Number: IM038160011. Fully registered, insured & covered by Financial Guarantee scheme.