Craft Beer Tours

In the country of wine there is little mention within tourism of the growing craft beer revolution here. Most people don't realize that France is the biggest exporter in the world of malted barley - one of the core ingredients in making beer. Furthermore, France has the 3rd highest number of craft breweries in the world (behind the USA & the UK). There are more than 650 & they can range from being a small side-arm to an agricultural operation to a modern slick city center set up. Brew pubs are starting to get the French more interested in developing tastes into the hoppier varieties of beer that have been common elsewhere for some time. Historically consumption has revolved around either a small group of large industrial lagers or very malty beers from northern France.

We have excellent relations with many local breweries who are happy to open up their brewery for your travelers. They will learn the history of the brewery, how different types of beer is made & how the supply chain functions. Of course, a generous tasting is included. These tours can be adapted in length and include meals nearby if requested also.

Grape & Grain Days:

Depending on the region, it is often possible to combine a brewery tour with a vinyard visit for lunch & wine tasting.

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